New O’ryans Salt and Vinegar Chips by ETA

What a mission to find these. I knew they were out but could not find them.

I contacted ETA to see if they would like to send me some to try and then review, they were not interested in that at all. In stead they told me the one place that actually had them and said go buy them yourself. So after traipsing across town, completely out of my way because Countdown (nearest to me) does not stock them and never will, as they stopped stocking O’ryans years ago I eventually found some at Pak n Save. I had to ask where they were because they were no where near the chip isle.

Anyway. The new salt and vinegar ones are nice, very tasty nice tangy vinegar taste. taste was even over the chips. which is something I often do not see with other brands. Will defiantly be getting these again. Just wish they were easier to get instead of having to go miles out of my way.

Political Parties Come Up With Their Stupidest Ideas At Election Time

Ok New Zealand First (political party) has gone completely crazy.
Their latest crazy idea is to lock up in jail for 3 months anyone ‘drunk and disorderly’ which covers anyone drunk and being ‘loud’ on the street.

While at the same time we let a driver that runs an intersection and kills a mother and child off with lose of license and a small fine, and let a youth that was drunk while driving (761 times over the limit) again and committed multiple counts of burglary off with having to say “sorry” because he daddy is important and had the police drop the charges.

Then there are many other cases of people getting off with worse than walking home drunk while the crazies at NZ First think the biggest crime in New Zealand is walking around dunk and being a little loud and stupid,. On that basis Winston Peters himself should be locked up, because he must have been drunk and disorderly when he came up with this stupi.

Public Transport Sucks In New Zealand and Most Noticably To Me In Hamilton

Buses and all public transport needs to beif not free at least a lot less expensive. Costs a friend of mine about $25 -$35 per week to get to work by car (no parking cost). Most people catching the bus, if you use  2 trips each way and as many people do, this comes out to $66 per week ($46 using busIt card). To get people to use buses more, the cost needs to be a lot less than using a car. If the government is serious about reducing fuel use by reducing car use they would work towards encouraging bus (and train) use, not discouraging it.

They happily spend billions on roads to make room for more cars but then moan about spending on public transport saying “but few people use it”, the reason few people use it is because for most people a car is cheaper and the majority of people using public transport are doing so because it is cheaper for them (but not everyone), this is often because they have to pay for parking as well. As well as cost there is reliability, if Japan can stay within 30 seconds of their timetable then we should be able to. Also we need more bus routes and better timetables.

Example of GOOD timetable: The Zoo Bus. last bus from the zoo is 4:50 pm, 10 minutes before zoo closes (first bus needs to change) this is well planed.
Example of BAD timetable: Hamilton Gardens bus. Last bus is 2:50 pm 5 hours before gardens close in summer and 3 hours before in winter.
This is for somewhere that has major parking issue (especially in summer) where most people like to go till late in the day (and evening when there are events).

If buses are your preferred or only way of travel, you can not get to most thing happening in Hamilton and back. You can not belong to any clubs etc that meet in the evening. I, as an example, go to a meeting once every 2 weeks in Hamilton west. I can catch the bus there but rely on a lift back as no bus runs anywhere near there (not even walking distance from meeting) at 10pm.

Wellington have buses running almost all the time. to have people using them more often they need to be more often, run later, be reliable and be less expensive. We need the funding to be put in place to run buses with low patronage till people see they can rely on them and that they are more cost effective for them. We do it with roads, we put in roads that have low usage.

Waikato University, Hamilton, New Zealand Path Under Light

Waikato University, Hamilton, New Zealand Path Under Light

Jamie and David chatting while sun sets and public arrive for meeting

Jamie and David chatting while sun sets and public arrive for meeting

Leaf Closeup while playing with Macro Filters

Leaf Closeup while playing with Macro Filters